Knowledge-assisted Visualization


Extended abstract are solicited that present original research results clearly related to knowledge-assisted visualization. The abstract is limited to 2 single-sided pages.

Within the two page limit, it is mandatory for each submission to address the followings:
  • State clearly what is the visualization problem and/or the application, and what is the modality of the raw data concerned.
  • Describe what is the information extracted from the data, and if any, describe what is the knowledge inferred from the information.
  • Outline the methods for information extraction and/or knowledge inference, explain why do you think the methods are technically sound.
  • State the main novel contributions of this work; outline how the extracted information and/or inferred knowledge is used in visualizing the input data; and describe the benefits of such a knowledge-assisted visualization in relation to the stated visualization problem and/or the application.
  • References to major prior works in the field.


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